• Shelley Brown - Employment & Human Rights Issues


    Shelley is a passionate and persistent legal advocate for individuals affected by employment and human rights issues for over thirty years.


    A member of the Steinberg, Hope, Title & Israel Law Firm, he also has a unique vantage point and extensive understanding of how employment issues affect individuals having been Director of Human Resources and Ethics Officer for the insurance company, The Prudential in Canada.


    He understands the challenges and stresses employees may face when confronted with complex workplace issues and the impact it can have. That’s why he takes the time to thoroughly understand your concerns and offer solutions that specifically meet your needs.

    Our firm offers its diverse clientele a broad range of legal services. We are proud to include on our client list both individuals and commercial clients, ranging from small businesses to multi-national corporations. Our practice includes, Corporate and Commercial, Real Estate, Litigation, Tax Law, Estate Planning and Estate Administration and Employment Law.

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